About Us

The American Studies Program currently offers an undergraduate minor. Requirements for the American Studies Minor often overlap with those of such majors as History, English, Political Science, Religion, and Sociology, thus making for a flexible and functional minor. To declare the American Studies minor or for advising, please fill out this Google Form.

The American Studies Program strives to create an academic climate that respects and celebrates people of varied cultural backgrounds and life experiences. America by its very nature is diverse. Thus, we aim in our study of American culture and in other activities to foster multiple perspectives that include diverse groups of people. These groups include, but are not limited to, those who define themselves by race, ethnicity, culture, country of origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, political orientation, or socio-economic status. We are committed to providing safe learning environments based on mutual respect and that allow for thoughtful engagement with complex issues. Further, the Covid-19 Pandemic and multiple examples of racial injustice in 2020 are searing reminders of our struggle to realize more closely the ideals of our democracy. The diverse and wide-ranging courses, departments and programs associated with American Studies provide a significant framework for understanding underlying issues related to the pandemic and civic uprisings. And we view American Studies as a crucial actor in this unfolding American drama.