Approved Courses

Approved American Content Courses

The following courses have been approved for the minor. Because additions and deletions are made to correspond to current University offerings, students are advised to consult with the American Studies Director. Other classes that do not appear on the list, especially topics and independent study courses, may be approved if they are pertinent to the student’s program and deal with an American topic.

Dept. TitleCourse NameCourse Number
Africana StudiesIntroduction to Africana Studies1100
 The African American Experience through Civil War1111
 The African American Experience through Civil War to Civil Rights1112
 Black Images in the Media in the U.S.2105
 Literary Analysis of Black Protest of the 1960s2106
 African American Women2120
 African American Culture2203
 African American Institutions2204
 Education and African-Americans2208
 Black Families in the U.S.2215
 Intro To African Amer. Lit.2301
 Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.3101
 The African-American Church and Civil Rights3150
 African-American Political Philosophy3179
 Racial Violence, Colonial Times to Present3218
 African Americans and the Legal Process3240
 Political Economy of African America3250
 Blacks in Urban America3280
 Gender and African Amer. Lit4106
 African Amer. Poetry4107
 African Amer. Theories and Criticisms4108
American StudiesTopics in American Studies2050
 Introduction to American Indian Studies2100
 Seminar in American Studies3000
 Seminar in American Studies (W)3020
 Topics in American Studies3050
 Topics in American Film3090
 Introduction to American Studies3100
 Childhood in America3210
 Independent Study3800
 Topics in American Studies4050
AnthropologyNorth American Indians2112
 Indians of the Southeastern U.S.2114
 New World Archaeology2152
 American Ethnic Cultures4110
ArchitectureAmerican Historic Preservation4214
ArtArt of the United States2190
Business LawBusiness Law I3150
 Business Law II3250
Communication StudiesWomen and the Media2110
 Black Images in the Media2120
 Topics in Mass Media3052
 Health Communication3115
 Communication and Mass Media3120
 Mass Communication and Society3121
 Communication and Public Advocacy3130
 African American Oratory3131
 Federal Interpretation of the First Amendment4102
Criminal JusticeEthics and the Criminal Justice System2102
 Juvenile Justice2120
 Introduction to Corrections2154
 American Criminal Courts3102
 Criminal Justice and the Law3110
 Famous Criminal Trials of the Twentieth Century3112
 Juvenile Justice Subsystems3120
 Juvenile Law3121
 The Administration of Criminal Justice3130
 Law Enforcement Behavioral Systems3141
 Community Corrections3150
 Institutional Corrections3151
 Correctional Law3152
 Juvenile Corrections3153
 Drugs, Crime and the Criminal Justice System4101
 Victims and the Criminal Justice System4160
 Violence and the Violent Offender4161
 Seminar on Sexual Assault4162
DanceJazz Dance I2226
 Jazz Dance II2227
EconomicsEconomics for Non-Majors1101
 Principles of Macro-Economics1201/2101
 Principles of Micro-Economics1202/2102
 Industrial Relations3105
 Labor Economics3106
 Employment Law3107
 Money & Banking3115
 Intermediate MIcroeconomics3122
 Intermediate Macroeconomics3123
 Economic History of the U.S.3131
 Health Economics3141
EnglishMajor American Writers2104
 Intro. To African American Amer. Lit.2301
 Intro. To Contemporary American English3132
 Colonial and Early American Literature3140
 American Literature of the Romantic Period3141
 American Literature of the Realistic and Naturalistic Periods3142
 American Novel of the 19th Century3143
 American Novel of the 20th Century3144
 Native American Indian Literature3156
 Classics in American Children’s Literature4103
 Literature of the American South4145
 Contemporary Jewish American Literature4146
 Early Black American Literature4147
 20th Century Black American Literature: Prose4148
 Gender and African Amer. Lit.4156
 African Amer. Poetry4157
 African Amer. Literary Theory and Criticism4158
GeographyGeography of North Carolina2140
 Geography of the U.S. and Canada2155
 The South2160
 Introduction to Urban Studies2200
 The City and Its Region3100
 Urban Political Geography3110
 Urban Transportation Problems3115
 Manufacturing Geography3150
 Land Use Planning3200
 Internal Structure of the City3205
 Regional Planning3210
 Sport, Place, and Development4108
 Small Town Planning4209
GerontologyAging and the Lifecourse2100
 Aging and Culture3132
 Sociology of Dying, Death, and Bereavement3267
 Women: Middle Age and Beyond4260
HistoryThemes in US History2050
 American Business History2101
 American Slavery and Emancipation2105
 American Military History2120
 Democracy in America: A Historical Perspective2125
 Introduction to Historic Preservation2130
 Introduction to Museums & Historic Sites2135
 American Medical History2141
 U.S. Women’s History to 18772150
 U.S. Women’s History since 18772151
 Southern Women’s History2155
 African-American History, 1400 – 18602160
 African-American History Since 18602161
 History of North Carolina, 1500 to the Present2297
 Topics in U.S. History3000
 Colonial America3201
 American Revolution and Early Nation3202
 The Antebellum U.S. 1800 – 18603203
 Civil War and Reconstruction3211
 History of the South from 18653212
 History of the South to 18653213
 Racial Violence, Colonial Times to Present3218
 African-Americans and the Legal Process3240
 U.S. Social History to 18603241
 U.S. Social History since 18603242
 U.S. since 19393252
 U.S. Foreign Relations, 1901 – present3256
 The United States and Latin America3260
 Blacks in Urban America3280
 American Cities3281
 History of the American West3288
 Problems in American History4000
MusicHistory of Rock Music1133
 Evolution of Jazz1134
PhilosophyAmerican Philosophy3217
 Philosophy of Peace3243
Political ScienceIntro to American Politics1100
 American PoliticsIntroduction to Public Policy11102120
 Topics in American Politics on Public Administration3010
 Political Socialization3101
 Federal Interpretation of the 1st Amendment3102
 Public Opinion3103
 Mass Media3104
 Voting and Elections3105
 Social Movements and Interest Groups3108
 Political Parties3109
 The Congress3111
 The Presidency3112
 Constitutional Law3114
 Civil Rights and Liberties3115
 Judicial Process3116
 State and Local Government3119
 Urban Politics3121
 Urban Political Geography3123
 U.S. Domestic Policy3124
 Health Care Policy3125
 Administrative Behavior3126
 Politics and Film3128
 American Foreign Policy3157
 African-American Political Philosophy3172
 North Carolina Student Legislature4110
Religious StudiesReligion in American Culture2108
 Religion in 19th Century America3135
 Contemporary Black Religion in America3137
 The Black Church/Civil Rights Movement3150
SociologyAging and the Lifecourse2100
 Popular Culture2112
 Marriage and the Family2132
 Social Problems2171
 American Minority Groups3110
 Sociology of Sport3132
 Crowds, Riots, and Disasters3175
 Sociology of Dying, Death, and Bereavement3267
 Sociology of Aging4110
 Sociology of Work4112
 Sociology of the Community4124
 Urban Sociology4125
 Sociology of Health and Illness4130
 Family Policy4131
 Families and Aging4134
 Sociology of Education4135
 Older Individual and Society4150
 Sociology of Mental Health and Illness4168
 American Family4632
Social WorkDiversity and Populations-at-Risk3173
 Foundations of Social Welfare3201
 Social Welfare Policy3202
 American Family4100
Women StudiesIntroduction to Women’s Studies1101
 Women and the Media2110
 African American Women2120
 U.S. Women’s History to 18772150
 U.S. Women’s History since 18772251
 Changing Realities of Women’s Lives3102
 Perspectives on Motherhood3130
 Domestic Violence3140
 Body Image3150
 Gender and Education3160
 Working Women/Women in Business3231
 Female Adolescence in America4130
 Sociology of Women4165
 Women: Middle Age and Beyond4260